On this page we would like to explain to plug-in and host developers how to enter feature discussions for CLAP, how to get help, report issues and bugs, and how to contribute to CLAP.

Discuss & Ask Questions

The official place to discuss anything CLAP development is the discussion section on CLAP’s Github page:

Here one can contribute ideas, ask questions and seek help with implementation details.

Alternatively, many boards such as KVR have audio centric developer forums where one can also seek help with CLAP development. Furthermore, Discords such as The Audio Programmer have dedicated #clap channels.

Report Bugs

The official place to report bugs in CLAP’s code, sample code or concepts is the Issues tracker on CLAP’s Github page:

The Interop-Tracker

A place to report compatibility problems is the Interop-Tracker:

Here one can report incompatibilities between hosts and plug-ins, in order to evolve the standard for clarity.


The expected way to contribute to CLAP’s code base is to create a pull request (PR) for improvements as well as for new extensions. You need to be familiar with Git and Github, and it is expected that PRs are sent only after discussions, bug reports etc. have resulted in a conclusion.

When you first send a PR, you are expected to acknowledge CLAP’s Contributor’s License Agreement, which sets your contribution under CLAP’s license model.

Your PR will then be reviewed by the team.