CLever Audio Plug-In


Since ancient times, clapping has always been deeply associated with music: From the rhythmic clapping at tribal gatherings or concerts, to the iconic clap sound in drum machines. But the ‘high five’ clap signifying shared achievement, closely related to the handshake signifying agreement or mutual appreciation, is another positive association. And that metaphor transcends the duality between host application and plug-in, which meet as equals in CLAP.


CLAP stands for CLever Audio Plug-in. It is an audio plug-in ABI which defines a standard for Digital Audio Workstations and audio plug-ins (synthesizers, audio effects, …) to work together.


This website is mainly for developers of audio software who seek information about CLAP, but there is also useful information for people who use audio software (e.g. musicians, producers) or write about it. Some of it is very technical though.


This website should contain most - if not all - answers about our motivation to create a new audio plug-in standard, and what sets it apart from existing platforms. We’re raising awareness that CLAP exists, and why everyone should hop on.