Developers: Getting Started


  • Step-by-step guide about building your first CLAP plug-in and/or host
  • Example using VSTGUI
  • Example using a framework like JUCE or iPlug
  • Example using something like ImGui or Elements

CLAP Repositories Overview

Apart from the main repository at there are additional repositories containing software helpers, information, examples and tools:

These are the repositories needed for development:

  • clap the definition of the standard in C (also the CLAP repository)
  • clap-helpers helper classes such as a C++ glue layer
  • clap-host an example host (based on Qt)
  • clap-plugins example plug-ins (based on Qt)
  • clap-juce-extension a drop-in and documentation for building CLAP with JUCE
  • clap-info a tool to show information about a CLAP plugin on the command line

CLAP-enabled frameworks, projects and toolkits

There’s a preliminary list of community projects, bindings to programming languages and further examples at the bottom of the Github Readme in CLAP’s repository: